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Change the color of the eyes

The different color of the eyes can be done surgically

In the United States, a method has been invented to change the congenital eye color. In just 20 seconds a brown-eyed woman can turn into a blue-eyed woman. But there will not be a return trip.

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An ophthalmologist from the United States changes his brown eyes to blue laser.

Ophthalmologist Gregg Homer from the American state of California claims that he learned to change the color of the eyes with the help of special laser equipment. However, while it is a question of changing the brown eye color to blue.

The operation takes only 20 seconds on each eye: with the help of a special-frequency laser beam, the ophthalmologist “burns” the pigment melanin from the surface of the iris of the brown eyes, which gives the eyes a brown hue. After a single procedure, the iris of the eyes gradually, within two to three weeks, becomes lighter, becoming blue.

This operation is irreversible, and those who wish to use it, it is necessary to clearly understand the consequences: if, for example, after the operation a person realizes that the blue eye color does not go to him, it will be impossible to turn back the brown color.

However, in the US, the first people wishing to change their eye color will have to wait three years: it will take exactly as much for Dr. Homer to obtain an official permission to conduct such procedures on a commercial basis. But outside the US, the enterprising doctor plans to open the first cabinets equipped with a special laser for the next 18 months.

Even the approximate cost of the operation for changing the eye color has already been mentioned: 5 thousand US dollars. Apparently, the clients of Dr. Homer will be a lot, because, as you know, blue eyes are one of the attributes of the image of an ideal woman.

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