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Cervical erosion

Cervical erosion – one of the most common women’s diseases. This diagnosis is almost every second of the fair sex of child-bearing age. To help understand what the disease is, why it develops and what treatments exist today, we asked the doctor of the highest category, an obstetrician-gynecologist Wald Vazquez.

Cervical erosion

Cervical erosion is a mucosal defect. Despite the fact that this is a benign alteration, it serves as a backdrop for the possible development of cervical cancer – one of the most common forms of cancer in women. Unfortunately, many patients are not aware of their disease: Erosion often asymptomatic and is detected either during a routine inspection or during examination for other diseases.

Causes of cervical erosion: where did the wound

Feature cervical structure is such that a portion facing in the vaginal cavity, covered with a mucous, as well as its walls. This so-called stratified squamous epithelium, thick and durable layer which prevents the penetration of infection inside the body. But the mucous uterine cavity and cervical canal is covered completely different epithelium – a pin. In young girls the whole surface of the cervix is ​​covered with a layer such that as they grow older is replaced by a dense flat with the vaginal walls. With age, the boundaries of the columnar epithelium shifted further into the cervical canal. At menopause a woman’s erosion could not get.

The term “erosion” is used to describe many diseases and pathological states. In fact, the erosion – a defect in violation of the integrity of the coating tissue (skin, mucous membranes).

As a rule, when the doctor talks about cervical erosion, it has in mind are not real (true), and pseudo or ectopia. What is the difference? True erosion is quite rare, and like normal wound healing yourself. But ectopia – a condition where the outer (vaginal) is cervical epithelium portion, which is to be only in the channel. This physiological state, a cloth is not where you want them. In the vagina is acidic, rich in flora with frequent changes of composition – all this leads to an active proliferation of cells and emigrated focus of cervical erosion is growing.

Why is this happening? Often, due to hormonal imbalance. For example, girls who are in the period of puberty, the epithelium has not kept pace with the rapid hormonal changes in the body. It happens in a different way: at birth or at a gross interference in the abortion occurs partial eversion of the cervix. This leads to the fact that part of it is covered by columnar epithelium, which occurs only in the channel.

Additional major causes of cervical erosion can be distinguished:

  1. lowered immunity
  2. early sexual activity
  3. sexually transmitted diseases, vaginosis (vaginal dysbiosis)
  4. pelvic inflammatory disease
  5. changes in vaginal flora due to frequent change of sexual partners
  6. damage by chemicals (spermicidal contraceptive)

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