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Erectile dysfunction and impotence in men.

Women deceases

Polycystic ovary

What is polycystic ovary? Polycystic ovary develops when the process of oocyte maturation breaks in the ovary. First of all, this affects the regularity of menstruation: long “delays” are typical. Menstruation has to wait a month, or even three, sometimes up to six months. In the period of the formation of the function of the ovaries, […]

Parasites in humans

General manifestations of the presence of parasites in humans The most basic symptom is a sharp weight loss without objective reasons, pale skin, tired appearance and itching sensation in the perineal region. These are the first symptoms by which you can determine the infection with helminths. But these indicators can be very subjective and not […]

Female hormones

Any hormones in our body, performing its biological role, must then break down and excreted from the body. Timely destruction and elimination of hormones foods allows the body to regulate the concentration of the amount of hormones. This is the most effective way to regulate the concentration of hormone in the human body. As soon […]

Uterine fibroids – a program

Health within you – a program of psychological methods of treatment of uterine fibroids Training “Health within you – psychological methods of treatment of uterine fibroids program” based on the program of psychological counseling of US physicians and medical psychologists specializing in the treatment of malignant and benign tumors of various origins by working with […]

The treatment of seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp

Lady worried about itching dandruff on the head. No unpleasant to see on their shoulders dandruff and hair as white flakes exfoliated epidermis of the skin (seborrheic dermatitis or seborrhea), which can cause severe itching of the scalp, causing a strong desire to once and for all get rid of dandruff.


Rosacea (or pink acne, rosacea) – a chronic, inflammatory, non-infectious skin disease entity that occurs mainly in middle-aged people. There is a persistent redness, spider veins, knots and pink spots on the cheeks, in the nose, chin, forehead and so on. E. Redness may come and reappear when moving from one place to another.

Freckles on the skin

Freckles on the skin, which are small pigmented spots that are often transmitted through heredity. Freckles are rounded, and are most often found on the face. Freckles like places that come into contact with sunlight (face, hands, neck), on the mucous membranes of freckles is not the case, it follows that the pigmentation of the […]

Pancreas decease

The main symptoms that indicate the beginning of the problems with the pancreas. The pancreas is responsible for the production of digestive enzymes that break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates, so they are fully absorbed by the body. In addition, she is responsible for the production of insulin – a vital hormone. Therefore, even the […]

Bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis (bacterial vaginosis) – gynecological disease that occurs as a result of violations of the vaginal microflora. It is characterized by the growth of colonies of bacteria in the vagina gardnerelly. This type of micro-organisms may also fall into the man’s body, but because of the structural features of the urinary organs quickly dies.

Uterine fibroids

Health within you – a program of psychological methods of treatment of uterine fibroids Throughout his life, many fall into a stressful situation, but the man makes vulnerable to disease not so much stress, much the way a person reacts to it.

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