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Erectile dysfunction and impotence in men.

Male deceases

Parasites in humans

General manifestations of the presence of parasites in humans The most basic symptom is a sharp weight loss without objective reasons, pale skin, tired appearance and itching sensation in the perineal region. These are the first symptoms by which you can determine the infection with helminths. But these indicators can be very subjective and not […]

Pancreas decease

The main symptoms that indicate the beginning of the problems with the pancreas. The pancreas is responsible for the production of digestive enzymes that break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates, so they are fully absorbed by the body. In addition, she is responsible for the production of insulin – a vital hormone. Therefore, even the […]

Itching in the groin

Itching is specific for skin sensual sensation that has the physiological effect as signal-warning system for the tickling irritation specific subthreshold pain and in a variety of quantitative and qualitative gradations which accompanies numerous skin diseases.

Genital warts

Despite the intimidating name, genital warts are painless only external manifestation of the HPV virus group. The virus of this group is characterized by its low capacity for regeneration in malignant tumors, but still requires careful treatment and regular preventive maintenance.

Short frenulum foreskin

   Short frenulum foreskin – a condition in which the vertical crease that connects the penis and the foreskin is too short and non-plastic. short uzdechkaChasche just short frenulum foreskin is innate, but can sometimes occur due to injury to the head or skin folds, in which she hides.

Itching in the urethra

   Itching in the urethra – is a symptom of many different diseases of the urinary and reproductive system. In most cases, it does not appear separately – along with it there are other uncomfortable symptoms – burning and pain during urination.

Burning in the urethra

Burning in the urethra – a common manifestation among both sexes. The reason for this unpleasant and painful events can become banal allergy or any serious disease transmitted through sexual contact. In any case, wait, that burning sensation in the urethra goes by itself, is not necessary. Feeling a burning sensation in the urethra, urgent […]


Balanitis – one of the most common diseases of the male reproductive system. Balanitis – this ailment, the main symptom of which is an inflammation of the penis head. It occurs with equal frequency in both children and adult men. Balanitis: Types, Causes and Symptoms As a rule, balanitis very easily diagnosed at the doctor […]


Anuria – a severe pathological condition characterized by complete cessation of urine entering the bladder or not more than 50 ml per day arrives. Thus the patient not only no urination, and urge him. From AUR anuria differentiated so that when the bladder is filled with the last and strong urge to urinate, trouble that […]

Syphilis in early childhood

Syphilis in early childhood Clinical manifestations of syphilis in children aged 1 to 4 years is significantly different from its manifestations in infants.

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