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Liver diseases

Problems with a gallbladder

Pain in the abdomen on the right The gallbladder – a small bag, which collects bile. At each meal the bile is released into the intestines and chops, emulsifies fats, preparing them for digestion. To the gallbladder stones worked fine and it was formed, it should be reduced and throw its contents about five times […]

How to treat Cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis of the liver is expressed in normal cells is replaced with connective tissue. This is due to the complications of certain liver pathologies (cholestasis, hepatitis, etc.). The main symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver – it’s weight loss, fatigue, itching, jaundice, increase in volume of the stomach and so on. How to treat cirrhosis […]

Liver diseases

Quite a long period of time when the diseased liver has no pronounced signs of a person. The liver does not hurt quite a long time. When the liver is healthy, then it is completely under the ribs. But when the liver begin to develop inflammation, it begins to act this match. Let’s see how […]

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