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Erectile dysfunction and impotence in men.


Removal of the nail plate

Here is a number of medical indications for the removal of the nail plate. The most common reasons for which there is a need for such a procedure are: ingrown nail (on the feet) fungus nail plate felon (in her arms)

Analyzes for human

Assays In order to timely and accurately identify the disease and prescribe the right treatment – doctors use a comprehensive approach to diagnosis. One of the most important elements of this complex is the analysis. This method is based on the fact that in a healthy organism, all systems are functioning normally. If there was […]


Pyelonephritis – one of the most common diseases of the renal pelvis and the renal parenchyma. The disease most often affects women: Statistics reports that pyelonephritis in women occurs six times more often than men. Doctors suggest that such a situation is connected with the characteristics of anatomical devices and hormonal levels of the female […]

Knees – our weak point

Knees – the weak point of those who “carries iron”, practicing jogging, loves skiing or engaged in extreme tourism. To avoid injury, there are special warm-up and knee safety rules. Another way to protect yourself – is to avoid foods that are harmful to the joints and, on the contrary, to eat more of what […]

Chinese exercises

Chinese exercises with osteoarthritis of the knee. These exercises are called Chinese Qigong. They are made with osteoarthritis knee 3-6 months. The average level. Each exercise is 1 to 14, contains 36 repetitions of movements. Preparation. All the body naturally relaxed. To stand on a flat surface. Feet parallel at a distance of 20 cm.

Treatment of allergic rhinitis

Nasal drops The priority of allergic rhinitis – the elimination of exposure to the allergen identified. Without this, any treatment will only bring temporary relief rather weak.


True and not true about adnexitis. Although adnexitis and is one of the most common diseases affecting women, hovering around him a lot of myths. Let us examine the most popular. The first myth. “Inflammation of the appendages – a disease for life. From it can not be cured and it is sure to become […]

Feet skin

Almost everyone in awe refers to himself and his appearance. By the way, the appearance – it’s not just the face and dress and grooming, and the arms and legs. Unfortunately, some problems may arise with the skin on the feet. In most cases, this can disturb women. For foot problems – is not only […]

Adhesive capsulitis

Adhesive capsulitis (syndrome of “blocked” or “frozen” shoulder, frozen shoulder) – a syndrome characterized by nonspecific partial or complete cicatricial lesion tissue of the joint capsule of the shoulder joint and the shell. As a result of the disease process surrounding tissue shoulder joint (articular sheath synovium) are compacted, compressed, become more rigid. This leads […]

Crunch in the joints

Crunch in the joints – one of the most common symptoms of a large number of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and is a normal phenomenon in a number of states. Pathological crunch in joints may occur at different times and at any age. Most often, the symptom occurs in childhood and may be due […]

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