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Erectile dysfunction and impotence in men.


Skin health for men and women

Skin health The health of the scalp is directly related to the condition of the hair. Rigid, dry or stretched scalp, as well as dry, inflamed or fatty, can mean internal health problems and insufficient scalp care. Such moments always have a negative impact on the hair. You can avoid it using a mild shampoo […]

How to remove nits and lice

It would seem that in today’s world, few people remember about the lice, but unfortunately this is not so, and many today are faced with such a problem as the lice. How to destroy lice – this issue of concern to many people, because the infected lice, both adults and children.

Health of our nails

We care about the beauty and health of nails The man who groomed nails, a priori can not be successful. He either does not know how to distribute their time, or just lazy. In any case, with such an attitude to themselves and others to become a leader is not possible.

All of the cardio to burn fat

All of the cardio to burn fat. As you know, cardio is one of the fastest ways to lose weight and reduce the volume. Also cardio will help you not only lose weight but also improve the body, increase endurance and improve heart function. It improves metabolism, thus increasing the fat burning process. Cardio can […]

Health after 30 years old

Each of us wants to preserve the beauty and attractiveness of lifelong learning, and they are known to be directly related to the physical and mental health. The main problems to overtake the women with age – hormonal dysfunction and disorders of the endocrine system, which together with other factors lead to obesity and the […]

Cervical erosion

Cervical erosion – one of the most common women’s diseases. This diagnosis is almost every second of the fair sex of child-bearing age. To help understand what the disease is, why it develops and what treatments exist today, we asked the doctor of the highest category, an obstetrician-gynecologist Wald Vazquez.

Why pimples appear on the face?

What do the pimples on the face: acne card and disease What we say acne on the face? Very often pimples accumulate in certain parts of the face, such as the forehead, cheeks, temples or in the chin. Other parts of the face at the same time always remain clean. In Eastern medicine it is […]

Swelling on the cheeks under the eyes

REASONS FOR OCCURRENCE swelling on the cheeks under the eyes Among the problems with the appearance of swelling on the cheeks under the eyes, the causes of which are not linked to improper care, have an important place. Age for women has always been a sensitive topic for conversation. Since coming to the fore over […]

How to remove painting bags?

Painting bags under the eyes to the cheeks: how to remove them? Painting bags under the eyes are age-related physiological changes in facial contour, they bring a lot of unpleasant moments when you look in the mirror. Thanks to them oval face is changing, becoming more bloated, changing physiognomy. You receive eternal weariness and sorrow […]

Genital warts in men and women

This proliferation of the surface layer of the skin of the anus and the genitals resembling warts, “cauliflower”, sometimes like a sponge with some buds. Color warts are different. In general the color is different from the rest of the skin color, but are reddish or brown formation.

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