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Erectile dysfunction and impotence in men.


Change the color of the eyes

The different color of the eyes can be done surgically In the United States, a method has been invented to change the congenital eye color. In just 20 seconds a brown-eyed woman can turn into a blue-eyed woman. But there will not be a return trip. Beauty, health, science, eyes An ophthalmologist from the United […]

Pigmented spots on the upper lip

The pigmentation is characterized by a variety of forms and shapes, her peculiar sharp edges, smooth surface. Pigmentation may be of different size, color shade from yellow to dark brown. Localization spots often occurs on the face, especially the forehead, cheeks, nose, above the lip.

Pigmentation of the skin

Pigmentation of the skin – it is a kind of painting, which is acquired mainly through this “brown” pigment, melanin. Its amount depends on the level of exposure to ultraviolet radiation (sunburn). In fair-skinned people, the body produces very little melanin in dark-skinned – a moderate amount thereof, and in people with dark skin – […]

Natural fluffy lashes – decoration

Natural fluffy lashes – decoration of any fashionista, because they make our eyes bright, tender, feminine. However, not every girl can boast of its density of eyelashes. Sometimes, when a shortage of nutrients lashes fall out, become less frequent, lose their luster. On eyelash state also influence disease and chronic inflammatory processes in the body.

How to care of your skin in 25 years old

Facial Treatments How to care for the skin in 25 years. How to care for the skin in 25 years If you are between 23 to 27 years, when choosing cosmetic products you can cover the doubt. Cleansers for very young girls do not fit: to 25 years in the body begin early aging. And […]

Body health

Many of us dream to lose weight, as a whole or in separate places. Internet is replete with headlines on the topic of weight loss, getting rid of cellulite and problem zones, the use of miracle diets and getting a slim figure. Some really help, but not for long.

The outer beauty of women

The outer beauty of women – it is not only what nature bestowed. For face and body need constant care. That only sometimes do not make the woman for the sake of admiring men’s views. Perfect view should be maintained, it is necessary to know some secrets, which are divided by experienced women. This is […]

Five rules for healthy life

1. Proper nutrition – the cornerstone of perfect skin We all know that, but not in a hurry to change the diet. To experiment try for a few weeks to include fruits and vegetables in the mandatory menu for each day and replace simple carbohydrates (white bread, biscuits and sweets, sauces, soft drinks) on complex […]

Rejuvenating Cosmetics

Modern cosmetic rejuvenation have earned the respect of consumers of all ages. Youth – a special piece of jewelery, which is trying to preserve or restore each. Today, the best manufacturers of cosmetic industry offering unique products that can restore the skin’s structure, to nourish it and to smooth wrinkles.

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