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Burning in the urethra

Burning in the urethra – a common manifestation among both sexes. The reason for this unpleasant and painful events can become banal allergy or any serious disease transmitted through sexual contact. In any case, wait, that burning sensation in the urethra goes by itself, is not necessary. Feeling a burning sensation in the urethra, urgent need to consult a urologist.

Burning in the urethra: Causes

  •    A common cause of burning sensation in the urethra is a banal allergy to cosmetic ingredients soap, shower gel, etc. Even toilet paper can cause allergic reactions, irritation and burning sensation in the urethra.
  •    There is also a burning sensation can result in injury to the urethra, resulting in intercourse. Yeast fungi can cause an infection, which is also a sign of a burning sensation in the urethra.

Additionally, burning may be an indication of:

  1. cystitis;
  2. urethritis;
  3. gonorrhea;
  4. chlamydia;
  5. prostatitis;
  6. vaginal dysbiosis;
  7. hormonal dysfunction of the body.

If a burning sensation in the urethra lasts more than a day, accompanied by a discharge from the urethra or suspected of being infected with the disease, sexually transmitted, you should immediately consult a doctor for qualified advice to determine the cause of the burning sensation in the urethra and prescribing treatment.

Burning in the urethra cystitis

A burning sensation in the urethra Burning in the urethra often enough is diagnostic of such diseases as cystitis. This inflammatory disease, inflammation of the mucosa manifested bladder. The cause of cystitis – ingress of bacteria into the bladder. Pathogens cause inflammation of the mucous membrane. This causes a burning sensation in the urethra. Advanced forms of cystitis is characterized by relaxation of the sphincter that leads to the manifestation as urinary incontinence.

Timely access to a doctor at a cystitis will make it easy to get rid of the burning sensation in the urethra and its causes at home. This requires the doctor to observe regulations that generally include:

  1. receive abundant warm drinks;
  2. diet;
  3. a temporary waiver from sexual activity;
  4. medication such as Biseptol, furagin, kanefron and others

Burning in the urethra as a manifestation of urethritis

Urethritis – inflammatory disease that affects the mucous membrane of the urethra. Urethritis accompanied by a burning sensation in the urethra, but is characterized by frequent urination, as in cystitis. However, urination becomes very painful, accompanied by pain, burning sensation. Launched urethritis can cause kidney disease – pyelonephritis. In the treatment of urethritis appointed antibiotics. There are the following odds urethritis, causing a burning sensation in the urethra:

  • Acute urethritis;
  • subacute urethritis;
  • total urethritis;
  • gonorrheal urethritis;
  • Trichomonas urethritis.

When burning sensation in the urethra, manifested after unprotected intercourse, should refer to venereal diseases, since it is possible that the cause is an infection, sexually transmitted infections, such as gonorrhea or chlamydia.

   If burning of the urethra is shown against a background of inflammation of the prostate, the prostate can be diagnosed. Confirmation of the diagnosis will be the severity of perineal pain in the rectum, weak erection.

The cause of prostatitis is a circulatory disorders of the pelvic organs, the lack of regular sexual life, frequent interruption of intercourse, bad habits.

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