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Many of us dream to lose weight, as a whole or in separate places. Internet is replete with headlines on the topic of weight loss, getting rid of cellulite and problem zones, the use of miracle diets and getting a slim figure. Some really help, but not for long.

Is it possible to lose weight once and for all (it is desirable to quickly and without straining). What you need to eat to lose weight? How then to keep the beautiful shape? Does it hurt to health? These and other topics will be discussed in this section.

Losing weight – it’s a difficult period, which need to go through his teeth and mentally prepare beforehand.

  • You can lose weight, following a set of rules: if you sit on a diet, regularly arrange fasting days, fasting, do not eat after six, consume foods with negative calorie or mixture with a specially selected set of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. You can lose weight in a troubled place. Lose weight is easy! There are special programs and express diet to leave or “release of a” (for example, if you go from side to side on the floor, you can get into a dress). All this, and the myths and the truth.
  • The truth is that really: losing weight difficult and easy; there are effective methods and diets; You can lose weight in a separate place (tighten muscles). The myth is that achieved by methods such results can be saved for a long time. In fact, to keep the weight you need to do fitness. Fitness – a combination of physical activity, which allows you to change the weight, the muscles tighten and fix the result.
  • It is necessary at an elevated body weight and a sedentary lifestyle, as a result of which the muscles are inactive and atrophy (sag). In addition, overweight accompanied by overloading the cardiovascular system, hormonal disruptions and malfunction of internal organs, increased load on the joints. Fitness returns good health and a beautiful body.

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