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Balanitis – one of the most common diseases of the male reproductive system. Balanitis – this ailment, the main symptom of which is an inflammation of the penis head. It occurs with equal frequency in both children and adult men.

Balanitis: Types, Causes and Symptoms

As a rule, balanitis very easily diagnosed at the doctor who makes the inspection of the external genitalia of men. After that, take the bacteriological specialist material from the urethra to the analysis to determine the causative agent of the disease. In severe or chronic balanitis its shape doctor may prescribe additional blood tests to determine the level of blood sugar, and research for the presence of sexually transmitted infections.

In the clinical picture are the following forms of balanitis:

  • irritative balanitis (simple form);
  • chronic balanitis;
  • Ulcerative balanitis;
  • erosive balanitis;
  • obliterans balanitis.

The main reasons can be called balanitis following:

  • Violation of rules of personal hygiene, causing genital inflammation develops;
  • a sharp decline in male body’s immunity;
  • amid such diseases as diabetes and urethritis.

The main symptoms of balanitis:

  • unpleasant pain in the head in the form of a burning sensation or itching;
  • swelling and redness of the head member;
  • affected areas in the region of the head (ulcers, erosions, whitish coating);
  • fever;
  • headache;
  • increased formation of smegma;
  • pus in the advanced stages of balanitis.

Balanitis: traditional treatments

  • Treatment balanitis balanitis Treatment depends on the type and stage of the disease.

Balanitis Drug therapy is conducted as follows:

  • Applied antiinflammatory and antiseptic agent as an ointment.
  • Complicated forms of the disease are treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics, using them for 1-2 weeks.
  • The use of immunomodulatory drugs for a general increase in the protective functions of the body.
  • With the development of disease against phimosis treatment is carried out surgically – make circumcision (circumcision).

Balanitis: treatment of traditional methods:

In that case, if the balanitis is not complicated by a purulent inflammation, get rid of it, you can use folk remedies, such as:

  • dill (you do the bath of a decoction of the roots of fennel);
  • Salvia (sage tincture rinsing reduces inflammation and burning sensation);
  • Fennel (make a poultice of the roots in wine broth);
  • cabbage (use a poultice of a slurry of crushed cabbage leaves in a mixture of
  • boiled beans and a few drops of vinegar);
  • catmint (decoction of roots of cat mint is used as a poultice for rinsing).

With the rules of care should be carefully observed in order to prevent balanitis for genitals and perform hygienic procedures on a regular basis.

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