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All of the cardio to burn fat

All of the cardio to burn fat. As you know, cardio is one of the fastest ways to lose weight and reduce the volume. Also cardio will help you not only lose weight but also improve the body, increase endurance and improve heart function.

It improves metabolism, thus increasing the fat burning process. Cardio can engage both beginners and advanced athletes. Add to this a proper diet and a very short time, we will achieve an excellent result.

Types of loads with cardio:

  1. Running;
  2. Bike;
  3. The elliptical exerciser;
  4. Rope;
  5. Swimming;
  6. Step Aerobics;
  7. Rowing;
  8. A brisk walk;
  9. Yoga;
  10. Badminton, etc.

Recommendations on cardio to burn fat:

1. fat loss begins after 20 minutes of exercise;
2. Cardio perform better in the morning;
3. Increase the load and workout time gradually;
4. Do not overdo it, take no more than 1.5 hours per day. Relax.


  1. Intensive – implies a long workout at the same pace. Running without rest. Use running at a constant speed, an ellipse or an exercise bike;
  2. Interval – training which literally burns fat. With interval training should be alternated speed, to choose different levels of speed with a little rest;
  3. Fartlek – alternates pace and anaerobic capacity, with a little speed and rest;
  4. Training for superskheme – alternating cardio and aerobic exercises using weights. I always advise to add cardio to strength to the figure was more aesthetic, rather than just thin and saggy body. If you include cardio in the beginning, middle and end, the fat is burned faster.
  5. Cross-training – training which alternates cardio exercise equipment at different speeds and rates. For example, 20 minutes on the treadmill, followed by 10 minutes on a stationary bike, completing the 10 minute exercise on the ellipse.

Exercise jerk cleans affects the hip, back and shoulder muscles. This is a basic exercise for the legs and back, which improves strength endurance and muscle mass.

Jerk cleans a training of reserve athletes, generates power and strength of a large number of muscles (thighs, back, and deltoid) muscles requires work harmoniously, in particular a single system, and gives a strong incentive to increase muscular.

th number of times, in order to sit neatly barbell.

How to do the exercise:

Keep the rod neck grip on top according to shoulder width. Stand straight and slightly to sit on his lap. Keeping a slight bend in the lumbar location, lean forward until the horizontal angle of 45 ° (fingerboard rod is a little above the knee cups).

Arms straight, chest extended, eyes focused straight ahead and your shoulders, neck and the rod socks sports shoes are made in a vertical position.

Follow the lingering breath and pausing at the time of the breathing process, focus. Sudden energetic push, tear off the heel from the floor (privstante on tiptoes) and, with the help of bouncing, every second: put right (slightly dilute the knees and feet on the sides), then lift up the body of the inclined state (you can slightly bend it backwards) and lean the neck to the chin area.

The high elevation of the shoulders and elbows down big reversal depends on how high you raise the bar. As soon as the bar reaches the chin, vigorously crouch under it, thus, expand the forearms and elbows forward, “take” on the neck pectoral muscle (post should be well put on the front deltoids and palms). Right, and then a sharp movement is not necessary to lower the neck to the femoral part, to the starting position. Carefully keep in mind: do not let the neck freely “fly”, because you can get hurt.

During the workout not to relax the muscles that are adjacent to the spinal region and the press. Muscles are obliged to keep a good characteristic, S-shaped curvature of the spine. Or will the risk of back injury.


This exercise allowed to work, using two techniques, and even more. The first calculates that at the time of the jump you deploy socks around, and when you land, the space between the feet have become a little wider than it was originally (greater than shoulder width). The following technique: attack involves the legs, on the basis of the fact that when you jump, you have planted one foot forward and the other – back. Athletes use the technique at number one, because it can allow deep squat, respectively, to work with more weight.

The grip shoulder width makes it possible to create the strongest power, most of all at the time of movement to the chin neck area when the strongest arm muscles tense work and deltoids.

During the workout your back should be kept straight, or slightly bent at the waist. Raising the body (from the slope) is performed only by the straightening of the hip joint, not the lumbar spine.

To a large extent self-repulsion from the floor and lifting the body (through the efforts of the feet) transmits neck initial impulse move. At this time, his hands in a relaxed and straightened condition: they only control is tossing neck. Once the neck close to the stomach, arms bent at the elbows, in unison with the movement of the deltoid muscle of the neck caught up.

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