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Erectile dysfunction and impotence in men.

Potency and age

Age impotence.

  • According to medical statistics, potency problems occur in more than 50% of the male population in the age range from 40 to 70.
  • But Andrology convinced that there is a provision for old age every man. Some studies show that every birth is endowed with huge spare capacity, which would allow him to meet and 15 women. It’s called 15-fold reserve. And they helped our ancestors not only to survive in the wild and cruel world, but also successfully reproduce their kind.

Intimate relationships in eldery age.

  • Modern man, as a rule, this reserve is fully consumed in his youth, and closer to 50 he was ready to accept the age impotence. But whether it is about impotence?
  • The body, of course, is getting older – the cells grow is not as active as before, the production of sex hormones is reduced, and all this can not affect the overall sexuality.
  • But the desire to have a woman do not run out! And if they are able to realize, there are fewer – it does not mean that you have become impotent.
  • That is the main problem in men – this is not age impotence in men, erectile dysfunction is a common, which, by the way, today is not considered a disease, and a complication of other diseases. After sharply overnight, the potency is not lost anybody.

Why is man’s strength decreases with age?

  • Irregular sexual life, especially after 30 years, can affect the age of impotence. The penis, like other agencies, must be in – constantly train. It is proved that a regular relationship with a woman improve semen quality and increase the number of sperm in it, while retaining the potency at the proper level.
  • Once transferred, or not fully cured of the disease. It can be as a purely male diseases (prostatitis, urethritis, orchitis, vesicles orchiepididymitis) and infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. Affect the potency and chronic diseases, such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease. And while modern medicine can “bring up” the majority of patients, the effects of the disease remains.

Changing the pattern of testosterone.

  • Each year, the level of testosterone in a man is reduced by about 1%. However, the statistics analysis shows that the age of 30 in some, this level is 33 units, while others – not more than 17, although reduced in all the same. Hence, such a difference in men, of whom one in 65 live a full sexual life, and the other in the 35-40 in bed gets harder and harder.

The costs of unhealthy lifestyles:

  • The abuse of beer and stronger alcohol, lack of exercise, smoking, incorrectly balanced diet, lack of sufficient exercise. From here – problems with blood vessels, provoking circulatory disorders and as a result, the deterioration of normal blood supply to the penis.

Taking certain medicines:

  • In our hospitals, unfortunately, doctors still do not know how to operate the complex. The same cardiologist may prescribe a medicine that reduces the pressure, forgetting to say that it may adversely affect potency. The patient is upset and goes to the urologist.


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