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True and not true about adnexitis.

Although adnexitis and is one of the most common diseases affecting women, hovering around him a lot of myths. Let us examine the most popular.

The first myth. “Inflammation of the appendages – a disease for life. From it can not be cured and it is sure to become chronic. “

  • This is not true. When to see a doctor to start treatment on time and immediately proceed to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory therapy, the disease goes into a chronic form. Particularly complex cases may require surgery. You must also adhere to a hypoallergenic diet, which will offer a doctor and take drugs to enhance immunity.

Myth 2: “Suffice it once to be treated by a doctor adnexitis, and then you can suppress the symptoms of folk remedies”.

  • When the uterine appendages constantly “smoldering” inflammation and woman is not receiving adequate treatment, it can lead to very serious complications. Among them – adhesions in the fallopian tubes, ovary structure, ectopic pregnancy and infertility. The infection can also spread to other organs and cause the development of chronic colitis, cholecystitis and pyelonephritis.
  • Folk remedies, used without the consent of your doctor may numb the pain, but get rid of adneksita they fail. Not to mention the fact that sometimes the self according to the recipes of traditional medicine may impair health.

Myth 3. “Inflammation of the appendages happens at all, is not dangerous and does not require treatment. This is the “easy” disease, more importantly, to endure. “

  • If you do not pay attention to the pain and discomfort, it is possible not only to face the diseases of internal organs, but also to neurosis, reduced work capacity, irritability and conflict situations in the family. Adnexitis difficult sex life that can not affect the state of health of the woman and her psychological comfort.

Remember, for the health of human happiness – is not everything, but happiness is impossible without accurate health. Take care of yourself, do not spare the time to contact a good doctor. And be always healthy!

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