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Adhesive capsulitis

Adhesive capsulitis (syndrome of “blocked” or “frozen” shoulder, frozen shoulder) – a syndrome characterized by nonspecific partial or complete cicatricial lesion tissue of the joint capsule of the shoulder joint and the shell. As a result of the disease process surrounding tissue shoulder joint (articular sheath synovium) are compacted, compressed, become more rigid. This leads to the fact that inside the joint space decreases drastically limiting the amount of active movements.


Adhesive capsulitis (or “frozen shoulder”) is rare in people under the age of 40 years. The main risk group – people of the senior age group. Men suffer from the disease is about 3 times more often than women.

Information about the features DISEASES

“Blocked shoulder” syndrome – the process of chronic with periods of exacerbation and attenuation of the pathological process. On average, the disease is about 2 years, but in rare cases it may be delayed for 4 years or more.

In the development of frozen shoulder distinguish 3 stages:

  • The first stage – the initial manifestations. There are unspoken spontaneous pain in the shoulder area, with no connection to the hand movements. Pain worse at night, when the situation on the side of the affected arm, are gradually growing in nature.
  • The second stage of the “frozen” or “stiffness”. Intensity of pain is sharply reduced, and often the pain goes away completely. It appears characteristic symptom – a sharp restriction in the joint with no pain.
  • The third stage of approval. Stiffness, which had previously worried disappears completely or partially. More than 53% of the stiffness persists and significantly violates the patient’s performance, which is becoming the most common cause of primary treatment to the doctor.

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