About US

This a nonprofessional medical blog. We are working hard on posting interesting articles on different medical cases. In our blog you will find various recommendations, overviews of medical researches, and discussions on topics, that concern both young practitioners and doctors, and regular people, who are far from medicine.

We do not discuss fears of falling ill, feeling pain or dying. There’s nothing to do with doctor’s fears of lacking information.

What is important for us, is that you perceive one fact, that many people seem to miss, and many doctors try to hide. This fact is that doctors are normal people, and just like other normal people, they can make mistakes. They do not have any superhuman abilities. Behind the scenes, many of them don’t feel confident. That’s why is it so important for them to feel people’s support and get positive feedback from those who were cured. There want to treat diseases, rescue lives, feel needed and be helpful in the right place and in the right time.

Each post is not a fable, but a story based on useful information. We always try to wisely explain both funny and dramatic cases. Do not doubt, we are doing our best for you.