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September, 2017

Questions about our head skin health

Detailed view of our scalp skin: Do you have hair loss? Is your scalp too dry or greasy? Do you suffer from dandruff? Does it tense or itch your scalp? Is it sensitive? Are your hair brittle or brittle? Do you feel your hair as too fine? Do you have styling or finish problems? If […]

Scalp disorders

SCALP DISORDERS Well-being and healthy hair growth are only possible with a healthy scalp. Dandruff, allergies, infections or even tumors must be recognized and treated. Early detection of the scalp problems are, among other things, the incident light microscopy and the possibility of taking tissue samples. But also magnifying glasses, mushroom cultures, bacterial swabs, blood […]

Facebuilding – facial gymnastics

Facebuilding – facial gymnastics Fundamentals of methodology and expert advice of the coach of facial gymnastics.  Every woman dreams of having a tightened body and a smooth face without wrinkles. At the same time, many of them believe that not only hardware procedures for rejuvenation, injection and plastic can be effective, but also safe […]

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