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July, 2016

Swelling on the cheeks under the eyes

REASONS FOR OCCURRENCE swelling on the cheeks under the eyes Among the problems with the appearance of swelling on the cheeks under the eyes, the causes of which are not linked to improper care, have an important place. Age for women has always been a sensitive topic for conversation. Since coming to the fore over […]

How to remove painting bags?

Painting bags under the eyes to the cheeks: how to remove them? Painting bags under the eyes are age-related physiological changes in facial contour, they bring a lot of unpleasant moments when you look in the mirror. Thanks to them oval face is changing, becoming more bloated, changing physiognomy. You receive eternal weariness and sorrow […]

Itching in the groin

Itching is specific for skin sensual sensation that has the physiological effect as signal-warning system for the tickling irritation specific subthreshold pain and in a variety of quantitative and qualitative gradations which accompanies numerous skin diseases.

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