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June, 2016

Genital warts in men and women

This proliferation of the surface layer of the skin of the anus and the genitals resembling warts, “cauliflower”, sometimes like a sponge with some buds. Color warts are different. In general the color is different from the rest of the skin color, but are reddish or brown formation.

Removal of the nail plate

Here is a number of medical indications for the removal of the nail plate. The most common reasons for which there is a need for such a procedure are: ingrown nail (on the feet) fungus nail plate felon (in her arms)

Genital warts

Despite the intimidating name, genital warts are painless only external manifestation of the HPV virus group. The virus of this group is characterized by its low capacity for regeneration in malignant tumors, but still requires careful treatment and regular preventive maintenance.

Bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis (bacterial vaginosis) – gynecological disease that occurs as a result of violations of the vaginal microflora. It is characterized by the growth of colonies of bacteria in the vagina gardnerelly. This type of micro-organisms may also fall into the man’s body, but because of the structural features of the urinary organs quickly dies.

Analyzes for human

Assays In order to timely and accurately identify the disease and prescribe the right treatment – doctors use a comprehensive approach to diagnosis. One of the most important elements of this complex is the analysis. This method is based on the fact that in a healthy organism, all systems are functioning normally. If there was […]


Pyelonephritis – one of the most common diseases of the renal pelvis and the renal parenchyma. The disease most often affects women: Statistics reports that pyelonephritis in women occurs six times more often than men. Doctors suggest that such a situation is connected with the characteristics of anatomical devices and hormonal levels of the female […]

Short frenulum foreskin

   Short frenulum foreskin – a condition in which the vertical crease that connects the penis and the foreskin is too short and non-plastic. short uzdechkaChasche just short frenulum foreskin is innate, but can sometimes occur due to injury to the head or skin folds, in which she hides.

Itching in the urethra

   Itching in the urethra – is a symptom of many different diseases of the urinary and reproductive system. In most cases, it does not appear separately – along with it there are other uncomfortable symptoms – burning and pain during urination.

Burning in the urethra

Burning in the urethra – a common manifestation among both sexes. The reason for this unpleasant and painful events can become banal allergy or any serious disease transmitted through sexual contact. In any case, wait, that burning sensation in the urethra goes by itself, is not necessary. Feeling a burning sensation in the urethra, urgent […]


Balanitis – one of the most common diseases of the male reproductive system. Balanitis – this ailment, the main symptom of which is an inflammation of the penis head. It occurs with equal frequency in both children and adult men. Balanitis: Types, Causes and Symptoms As a rule, balanitis very easily diagnosed at the doctor […]

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