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May, 2016

Natural fluffy lashes – decoration

Natural fluffy lashes – decoration of any fashionista, because they make our eyes bright, tender, feminine. However, not every girl can boast of its density of eyelashes. Sometimes, when a shortage of nutrients lashes fall out, become less frequent, lose their luster. On eyelash state also influence disease and chronic inflammatory processes in the body.

Knees – our weak point

Knees – the weak point of those who “carries iron”, practicing jogging, loves skiing or engaged in extreme tourism. To avoid injury, there are special warm-up and knee safety rules. Another way to protect yourself – is to avoid foods that are harmful to the joints and, on the contrary, to eat more of what […]

Chinese exercises

Chinese exercises with osteoarthritis of the knee. These exercises are called Chinese Qigong. They are made with osteoarthritis knee 3-6 months. The average level. Each exercise is 1 to 14, contains 36 repetitions of movements. Preparation. All the body naturally relaxed. To stand on a flat surface. Feet parallel at a distance of 20 cm.

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