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March, 2016

Women health problems in sexual sphere

Why women’s health problems begin from the sexual sphere? I propose to consider this problem from the moment the girl fetal development, and when there is ovarian tab and female germ cells. New human body is born from the merger of two reproductive cells – female (egg) and male (sperm). Therefore, an essential condition for […]


True and not true about adnexitis. Although adnexitis and is one of the most common diseases affecting women, hovering around him a lot of myths. Let us examine the most popular. The first myth. “Inflammation of the appendages – a disease for life. From it can not be cured and it is sure to become […]

Syphilis in early childhood

Syphilis in early childhood Clinical manifestations of syphilis in children aged 1 to 4 years is significantly different from its manifestations in infants.

How to care of your skin in 25 years old

Facial Treatments How to care for the skin in 25 years. How to care for the skin in 25 years If you are between 23 to 27 years, when choosing cosmetic products you can cover the doubt. Cleansers for very young girls do not fit: to 25 years in the body begin early aging. And […]

Body health

Many of us dream to lose weight, as a whole or in separate places. Internet is replete with headlines on the topic of weight loss, getting rid of cellulite and problem zones, the use of miracle diets and getting a slim figure. Some really help, but not for long.

The outer beauty of women

The outer beauty of women – it is not only what nature bestowed. For face and body need constant care. That only sometimes do not make the woman for the sake of admiring men’s views. Perfect view should be maintained, it is necessary to know some secrets, which are divided by experienced women. This is […]

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