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February, 2016

Feet skin

Almost everyone in awe refers to himself and his appearance. By the way, the appearance – it’s not just the face and dress and grooming, and the arms and legs. Unfortunately, some problems may arise with the skin on the feet. In most cases, this can disturb women. For foot problems – is not only […]

Adhesive capsulitis

Adhesive capsulitis (syndrome of “blocked” or “frozen” shoulder, frozen shoulder) – a syndrome characterized by nonspecific partial or complete cicatricial lesion tissue of the joint capsule of the shoulder joint and the shell. As a result of the disease process surrounding tissue shoulder joint (articular sheath synovium) are compacted, compressed, become more rigid. This leads […]

Crunch in the joints

Crunch in the joints – one of the most common symptoms of a large number of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and is a normal phenomenon in a number of states. Pathological crunch in joints may occur at different times and at any age. Most often, the symptom occurs in childhood and may be due […]

How to get rid of bloating?

Bloating is one of the common problems which patients who seek for medical attention. Basically swelling occurs after a meal, this phenomenon constitutes a violation of the organism, which is characterized by the bulging of the abdomen, the advent rezey and cramping pain, heaviness in the stomach. Typically, this problem arises due to contact with […]

Gym Exercises

Strong desire, perseverance and endurance to help achieve the impossible man. If he wants to, and in a short period of time can significantly transformed. This refers to the physical form and the pumping muscle. You can do this and a month of time, if you follow certain rules and tips. So, what are they? […]

Elbows Skin

How to soften the skin on the elbows? And now for the skin on the elbows – why it darkens, it becomes rough and scaly? On the skin of the elbows a little sebaceous glands, and protective film there are practically no, and so there are cracks, blisters and minor wounds. And if besides wearing […]

Hands Skin

Excellent softens skin homemade mask of conventional foods – such as flour and oil. Butter is better to take olive oil (2 tablespoons) and mix it in a deep plate with vitamin E oil solution (1-2 capsules), and cornmeal (¼ of a glass). Apply the mixture on your hands must be carefully, holding them over […]

Facts about toxic substances

Air fresheners, and scented candles can cause a cancer, since they contain a substance limonene and when it is contacted with ozone contained in the air, it turns into a formaldehyde – toxic substance.

Safe organism cleaning

Cleansing the body reduces the biological age and risk of tumors, restores all body systems. On our site you will find accurate information, why it is necessary cleansing of the body and how to safely cleanse the body!

Health of your nails

How to identify health problems according to nails? Our nails can tell a lot about the state of health! To find out about the state of health on the nails, pay attention to their natural color and shape. Even if you are used to see them all your life, you may see now, that with […]

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