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Erectile dysfunction and impotence in men.

January, 2016

Hair loss

According to statistics, a man loses from 60 to 80 hair every day, and it’s – okay. Over time, they are replaced by new ones. Unfortunately, this process sometimes fails, and then there comes a time when the bald man on the head is getting bigger. Because of what is happening and how to deal […]

Heart disease

Modern Problems of heart disease, doctors puzzled serious problem – heart disease has become so widespread that we are talking about the heart of this epidemic. More and more people are susceptible to the influence of so-called “deadly quartet”: Obesity Hypertension Type II diabetes and metabolic disorders.

Gonorrhea in men

Gonorrhea in men: first symptoms, treatments and possible complications Gonorrhea in men – a venereal disease which transmitted mainly through sexual contact. The causative agent of the disease is specific pus-producing microorganisms – gonococcus. Getting on the mucous membrane of genital infection has the ability to migrate through the lymph vessels to other parts of […]

Symptoms of urethritis

The first symptoms of urethritis is stinging, itching, pain, burning sensation when urinating. These unpleasant sensations can be deployed in different areas of the genitourinary system man, from the head of the penis and perineum ending, but they certainly are closely connected with the release of urine from the urethra. Another important sign of inflammation […]

Health of your eyes

Human eyes are always talking about the man more than his behavior in general, and the first impression of him is formed at a meeting when we meet views. Unhealthy view of the eye is unlikely to cause a good impression or contribute to sympathy: even though people in general, is not to blame, but […]

Skin Health

How to keep healthy and youthful skin? The skin, as you know, is a complex organ, whick main task – is to protect the human body from the negative impact of various external factors. For this reason, it is the skin requires special attention. She always lends itself to an aggressive attack from the outside, […]

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