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Erectile dysfunction and impotence in men.

December, 2015

How to save your potency?

Save potency to old age – is real! How to enjoy sexual life? How to restore male potency? The problem of impotence in the modern world is quite acute. A large number of men between the ages suffering from this disease that does not allow them to fully enjoy life – to get sexual pleasure […]

Traditional recipes

Traditional recipes – easy to forget about the cold It seems only yesterday you were cheerful and full of energy, and waking up. … Found a nasty head cold, and irritated throat. Familiar? Again, pharmacy, crazy prices and the long process of recovery. Simply put: the fall itself should be zealously protected from any colds, […]

Five rules for healthy life

1. Proper nutrition – the cornerstone of perfect skin We all know that, but not in a hurry to change the diet. To experiment try for a few weeks to include fruits and vegetables in the mandatory menu for each day and replace simple carbohydrates (white bread, biscuits and sweets, sauces, soft drinks) on complex […]

Rejuvenating Cosmetics

Modern cosmetic rejuvenation have earned the respect of consumers of all ages. Youth – a special piece of jewelery, which is trying to preserve or restore each. Today, the best manufacturers of cosmetic industry offering unique products that can restore the skin’s structure, to nourish it and to smooth wrinkles.

Problems with a gallbladder

Pain in the abdomen on the right The gallbladder – a small bag, which collects bile. At each meal the bile is released into the intestines and chops, emulsifies fats, preparing them for digestion. To the gallbladder stones worked fine and it was formed, it should be reduced and throw its contents about five times […]

How to treat Cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis of the liver is expressed in normal cells is replaced with connective tissue. This is due to the complications of certain liver pathologies (cholestasis, hepatitis, etc.). The main symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver – it’s weight loss, fatigue, itching, jaundice, increase in volume of the stomach and so on. How to treat cirrhosis […]

Liver diseases

Quite a long period of time when the diseased liver has no pronounced signs of a person. The liver does not hurt quite a long time. When the liver is healthy, then it is completely under the ribs. But when the liver begin to develop inflammation, it begins to act this match. Let’s see how […]

Migraine during pregnancy

Migraine during pregnancy can occur even in people who never before did not know about the presence of such a disease and not watching a no sign of diseases of the head. Approximately 25% of future maternal migraine occurs with the forerunners – the aura, after which the start and headaches. You can imagine how […]

Why face is swelling?

Why face swelling and how to deal with the swelling? Frequently asked questions, the answers to which many are looking for on the Internet. Eliminate infrequent swelling can be at home, but we should not forget that it can be a symptom of complex inflammatory processes within the body. Often swells the face in the […]

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