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November, 2015

Characteristics of kidney disease

Kidneys are vital organs so any change in their functions affect the health of the whole organism. Symptoms of kidney disease may be both general and local. Common symptoms: Most kidney diseases are characterized by the following symptoms: general weakness, malaise, fatigue, headache, appetite loss, morning swelling, especially in the eyelids, high blood pressure, chills […]

Kidney Diseases

How to detect kidney problems? Let’s see, what signs indicate the presence of kidney problems and what to do in order to prevent the development of diseases. Fatigue and edema may indicate broadly, the presence of kidney problems. Fatigue and edema may indicate kidney problems broadly. In the spring, when the body is relaxed, almost […]

Food menu for gastritis decease

More details about each ingredient menu for patients with gastritis decease: sweeteners limited use sugar beet or cane, jam, strawberry, sweet apple varieties.

Gastritis home treatment

How to help yourself at home? The most common causes of gastritis are substances commonly used by certain categories of people, such as: Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid); alcohol (ethyl alcohol, ethanol).


The study involved 12 people with epilepsy. Scientists have provided evidence of the possibility of creating implants capable of stimulating long-term memory, according to Nature. The study was commissioned by the Defense Advanced Development Agency (DARPA) of the Ministry of Defense. the results were presented at the conference of the Society for Neuroscience in Chicago.

Drugs shelf life

Shelf life: Shelf life – a storage time during which the drug is safe to use and has an efficiency guaranteed by the manufacturer. Dates about storage are on the pill’s box- package next to the series, and batch number and date of manufacture. Responsibility for the consequences of receiving expired drugs rests solely with […]

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